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Framez Media believes in the power of photo marketing. Why? Because it works. It's easy to use, easy to integrate, and easy to measure. That's why we offer high-quality photo marketing solutions to agencies and brands who are geared towards content marketing. From online and offline activations and survey-based database construction, to creating user-generated content: our objective is to get the most out of 1-on-1 contact with the target group. This is done using the power of 100% real polaroids (Instax) and our apps, in collaboration with our international partners Fujifilm and Xerox. Now, let’s go frame the moment!

Use the power of 100% real polaroids (Instax) to activate your brand. They're fun, authentic and super quick. Everyone loves a polaroid! Thanks to recent developments, polaroids (Instax) are now easy to share online.


Dominate Facebook with the Photopromoter app! Download the app on your promoteam's Android device to create an automatic Facebook album in real-time! Fast, easy and affordable.


Create user-generated content with the new Photocam App! Use Photocam to create brand empathy and transform your target group into brand ambassadors. The Cam knows where you are, automatically enhances content and shares this in real-time.

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