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The real instant polaroid (instax) is back. In an age when everything is digital, we are starting to appreciate retro, analogue and authentic. Who does'nt like a 100% real instax (polaroid) of themselves? An instant photo is the perfect icebreaker to promote 1-on-1 contact. For twelve years now we have combined the power of Instax polaroid with our unique easy-use sticker frame to achieve the highest possible conversion rates. Discover the communication potential of Photoflyer Classic!

DIY promo kit

Get started right away with the Framez DIY promo kit! All of our materials are extremely easy to use. Our handy video tutorial will teach you how to operate the instant camera within minutes. The Photoflyers will be ready in a flash thanks to our easy-use® folding system. Quick to implement, anytime and anywhere, to maximize 1-on-1 contact with your target group.



instax polaroids: FUJIFILM
We have a long-standing relationship with our partner Fujifilm, the producer of instax (polaroids). Together, we ensure compliance between the instant system and the event branch and provide the very latest models and film for the highest possible quality. We offer all of this for a competitive price.

High quality prints: XEROX
We also demand excellence in terms of prints. All of our Xerox Photoflyers are laminated, which means they'll last years on the bulletin board. We strive for the highest quality in all our work, which includes rush jobs, multiple designs and special sizes. Our unique and patented easy-use® folding system makes every Photoflyer easy to use.

With years of international experience creating Photoflyers, we can offer expert advice on the best conversion tool for your campaign. From tear-off vouchers, magnets and win codes to barcodes and QR integration: anything is possible for the very best results!


Disney - Comic Con

Objective: Maximum reach and awareness
Conditions: Speed, personal promo teams, privacy


Our trained promoteams will help you boost sales, maximize conversions and achieve the best results. Our teams are selected on appearance, attitude and assertiveness. They approach every target group with a big smile, at every event!

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