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The new generation of Photoflyer is now available. There is a growing focus on social media and its social objectives. Online engagement becomes even more relevant and successful when it is paired with meaningful offline engagement. Everyone can create a successful Photoflyer campaign with the help of our DIY package or our promo teams. Using the latest Xerox technology, you can maximize conversion during 1-on-1 contact. From tear-off vouchers and win codes to special coatings: anything is possible!

DIY promo kit

Get started right away with the DIY promo kit! Start by downloading the Photopromotor® app and then log in using the unique project code. You can then connect your mobile device to the Photoprinter®. We pre-set all functionalities in advance, including Photofinder® and Photosurvey®, so you can quickly and easily use Photoflyer to maximize your 1-on-1 contact both online and offline. The Photoflyers can be created within seconds thanks to our easy-use® folding system. The package consists of the Photoprinter, the Photopromotor® app and a mobile device.


This small polaroid (Instax) printer is mobile, what makes it the perfect event-printer! It runs on batteries, which means you'll never have to worry about charging it. You can print a polaroid photo (Instax) within 10 seconds over any wireless network, within a range of 35 metres.

The Photopromotor® app is the heart of the operation and was specially developed to easily power the Photoprinter and make an online connection possible. Download the free app, register and get started right away. The app make sure that all teams are briefed and that all photos are uniquely coded and posted online in real-time.

The Photopromotor® helps your audience find their photos. All they have to do is enter their unique polaroid (Instax) code. They can then share their photos on Facebook with the press of a button. Test it! and type: 0219 165 004

The latest update of the Photopromotor app makes it possible to collect information and conduct surveys. The questions and open fields automatically appear on the screen. This helps to optimize your 1-on-1 contact.


Jameson 'Movember' Campaign

Objective: Bar traffic, awareness and social media visibility
Conditions: Speed, personal promo teams, privacy and data collection

Goosecraft 'Modefrabriek' Campaign

Objective: Bar traffic, awareness and social media visibility
Conditions: Speed, personal promo teams, privacy and data collection

Option: Promoteams

Our trained promoteams will help you boost sales, maximize conversions and achieve the best results. Our teams are selected on appearance, attitude and assertiveness to ensure they approach every target group with a big smile. They feel right at home at every event!

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